The sports nutrition secrets that the “experts” never tell you about!

Attention: triathletes, cyclists, runners, and endurance athletes who are
sick and tired of sports diet advice that sucks.

"Are You Still Following Diet Advice From Nutrition Experts Who Are Clueless About Endurance Sports?”

If So, Then Keep Reading Because You're About to Discover a Brand New, Cutting-Edge Nutrition Secret That Will Help You Gain Energy, Banish Cravings, and Dump the Fat that is Slowing You Down…

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From:  Miriam & Jay Zacharias, Endurance Athletes and Licensed Sports Nutritionists

Dear Athlete:

If you have been following all the expert nutrition advice and STILL aren’t seeing results, you’re about to learn an amazing new dietary secret to KICK UP your performance, train with great energy, and whittle down your waist just by doing 1 simple thing.

The Experts Are Wrong

Messing up your nutrition is the single biggest problem you face as an endurance athlete. You can train 20 hours a week in order to get “fit” but if you blow your diet you may as well flush those training hours down the toilet along with yesterday’s double cheeseburger and fries.

When you get your diet “dialed in,” everything else magically clicks into place: you feel confident and full of energy. You LOOK like an athlete: lean and fast. And you can relax, knowing full well that you will sail across the finish line without bonking, shuffling or tossing your cookies.

Problem is, “experts” offer conflicting advice on what you should eat before, during and after training and racing. And the scientific studies – often sponsored by nutrition companies out to make a buck – just make matters worse! In the end, YOU are forced to do all the legwork to pull together a plan that works for you. Even then it’s a silly wild-ass guess, leaving you wondering “Is this going to work? Am I eating the right stuff in the right amounts? Am I making things worse, not better?”

Your success depends on getting
one critical thing absolutely perfectly dialed in:

Eating the correct balance of proteins, carbs and fats
at EVERY meal

Now, hang in there a second because we want to explain why you need to know this.

The correct balance triggers the RIGHT metabolic messages in your body; they tell it to burn fat for fuel, build muscle, have stable, enduring energy, and lots more. However, in long training and racing efforts the balance of what you should eat CHANGES because you have different needs depending on the day’s demands. So what you need every day vs. race day, and how you fuel on training days vs. recovery days fluctuates.

If you have been following a one-size fits all approach to daily dining, simply ramping up calories on bigger training days instead of SHIFTING THE BALANCE, then you risk the penalties of low energy, cravings for crappy food, poor performance, and weight gain. Eating for performance isn’t a calories in, calories OUT numbers game – that’s a myth that we’ve been spoon fed for way too long. The NEW science is all about proper macronutrient balance. Period.

Understand that when you get your balance “locked in,” everything magically shifts into gear.

  • You have a steady, untapped reservoir of energy at your disposal
  • Keeping your weight down and your speed UP is a no-brainer
  • Cravings and motivation disappear
  • Pulling together meals and snacks is simple

The problem is… what IS the correct balance?

Who should you listen to? What program or diet has the secret formula?

We know just how overwhelming this can be. The amount of information out there on sports nutrition is mind-boggling (and the information on ENDURANCE nutrition nearly non-existent). The “experts” are at odds with one another. In the end, YOU are forced to do all the legwork to figure out a dietary program that makes sense. And then the trial and error starts.

It seems that no matter how many forums you read, how many articles, blogs, or books you study, or how many expert “miracles” you buy — you’re still left clueless about how to eat for maximum performance and end up wasting time, money and brainpower. We get it. We really do.

Jay’s Painful Story

Jay was in the same boat. He followed the “I can eat anything I want because I train” diet for too many years to count and all it made him was fat and slow. We grew up in a town where pizza, pasta and pastry were the holy trinity of eating and Jay took these dietary habits along with him as he pursued triathlon. You see, he wasn’t an athlete in high school so he never really understood how to fuel energy or performance. And then that whole high carb thing helped Jay justify his eating behaviors and his reliance on his comfort foods. But he was suffering – he gained over 40 pounds, felt bloated and disgusting and even injured his knee running because he was too fat for his frame! He knew he had to figure all this out because this was not going to make him reach his dream of being a fit and fast athlete.

So we studied everything we could get our hands on and went to every seminar and training on sports nutrition that we could find. We tried out every diet out there to see what worked. As luck would have it, Miriam, who was degreed in nutrition, got us access to nutritional tests to understand our genetic profiles, our food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies.  We learned all the latest science on weight loss and sports performance. Miriam spent years running a national weight loss program and learned how to deal with stubborn weight issues with all kinds of people wanting to lose anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds.

The Amazing Lab Rat Experiment

But our studies and experiences only went so far… we wanted to learn about the needs of athletes, too, because they have special requirements and that was our passion. So, a few years later we both became licensed Sports Nutritionists and went to work developing a program that integrates the best of sports nutrition AND weight loss science.

We now knew how to put it all together and it was time to test it and refine it. Jay was our guinea pig. We weren’t sure that this was really even going to work because, well, he had tried EVERYTHING and never saw any long-lasting results. He’d try a new program and then have zero energy for training or he’d make some quick gains, then stall, then have a setback. Same pattern over and over again.

When we put him on our “trial” program we were blown away by my results! With such surprising success on our new balanced eating program – and they’ve now LASTED over a year! – we knew we had a winner.

This was a huge turning point because Jay had quick results and discovered the magic formula to KICK START endurance sports performance… and to maintain it, too. The result? He is the leanest and strongest he’s ever been… in fact, he’s STILL losing weight and gaining speed! He never has to wonder or worry about what to eat on training days, and not on race day either.

We are proud to say that Jay has NEVER hit the wall in a race, whether it was a short course run or a full Iron distance event since he’s adopted our nutrition program. NEVER.

Jay Zacharias Before and After

We began to notice that our athlete pals were struggling with how to eat; they were losing energy on long bike rides, suffering foot and leg injuries from running with too much body weight, or falling off the wagon when they DID get started on a new nutrition program.

We realized that, using Jay’s  experience, we could create a simple nutrition program that JUMP STARTS sports performance for endurance athletes who are clueless (or frustrated) but want to have the energy to perform at their peak. A program that was easy to stay compliant with for the long-term.

So we did.

We pulled all of our ideas together and developed something that can do for you what it did for Jay!

If you want to learn:

  • How to keep fit and lean
  • How to power energy for training and racing
  • What you must eat at every meal to stay focused and healthy
  • Where endurance athletes typically go wrong… and must avoid doing
  • How to banish cravings
  • Which products to consume and when on race day

….then you owe it to yourself to grab our Ultimate Nutrition Prescription program!

Well I’ve been using your Ultimate Nutrition Prescription and I am intrigued! I’m a pretty healthy eater, and maybe I need to tweak some things, but have been curious as to why I don’t feel as fit as I did when I wasn’t eating healthier. I used Weight Watchers in the past, on and off since I was 11, but the last few years I have tried it (and I was doing it correctly, trust me!) it didn’t work. Then I tried the Medifast program which worked but I got tired of eating processed bars and food. Your program shed a new light on things for me! For example, it laid out the starchy carb concept (even fruits) that I think my body responds to and it gave me the resources to dial in the needs for my body that have changed since getting older. My weight has dropped, I’m getting leaner. THANK YOU!

P.S. Now I’m interested in learning more about your genetic testing program!

Katy Rosane, Nurse

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know how much great information I am getting (and using) from your Ultimate Nutrition Prescription and all your newsletters, too! I have my first tri next weekend, and I feel so much better after listening to your videos!!!
Jana Bergeron, Vice President

Our program is for you if you want to find out:

  • A proven, easy to use diet plan that keeps you lean, supports damaged tissues, and powers performance;
  • The correct method to rebalance fluids and electrolytes after hard training efforts;
  • The list of six scary foods that should NEVER pass your lips;
  • The top 5 training phase “Dos” and “Don’ts” of diet;
  • A simple technique to apply the science of race nutrition, including how much to eat and WHEN on the day of the big event;
  • Why almost EVERY expert is wrong about the BEST diet for you;
  • How to solve the question of “What supplements should I be taking?” once and for all;
  • The FOOLPROOF way to fuel when traveling out of town to races;
  • Quick and easy meal plans that you can prepare in 15 minutes or LESS.

… And lots more.

The ULTIMATE Nutrition Prescription for
Tough-Minded Triathletes

(but works for all endurance athletes!)

You’ll get:


Over 60 pages of sports nutrition information that dispels the myths, outlines the science, and provides easy-to read “blocks” of info for every day, race day and post-race fueling.




Video #1

A video detailing the ins and outs of a race day nutrition – how to figure it out, set it up, and test it.




Video #2

A video course outlining what you should eat each day of your life to stay lean, manage toxicity and inflammation, and blast your energy levels off the chart.




Nutrition Blueprint

A Nutrition Blueprint that spells out your balanced nutrition guidelines, simple meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and a diet diary with instructions to make sure you’re staying on track.



OK Guys, So How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Our competitors charge upwards of $197 for this kind of program.

But we didn’t feel good about that because we know you are anxious to get started and want to push you to get “unstuck” (and who these days has $200 bucks lying around?).

We’re excited to tell you we priced the entire program at $47 for the whole ball of wax, the 60 page guidebook, 2 video courses, AND the Nutrition Blueprint.

We hope you see the immediate value of this program. But if you’re at all concerned about the cost, think about this:

Our individual coaching clients spend over $180 per hour to work with us… each! In the program, you get over 1.5 hours of in-depth video education. Add to that all our blood, sweat, and tears on the rest of the coursework and, well, you see where we’re going here.

At the $47 program price, you are paying about $31 per hour. Toss in those materials and this starts to look like the deal of the century.


But more importantly, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it costing you to NOT know how to fuel your energy during training and racing?
  • What is it costing you to NOT drop the extra weight and gain free speed?
  • How much money have you already wasted on triathlon nutrition tactics that haven’t worked and you no longer have confidence with?

If you think about this, you’ll realize that it’s costing you
FAR MORE not to take action.

Still Have Questions or Concerns?

If we were to guess the top questions or objections you will have about buying our program today, they would be these:

1. I’ve already invested lots of money in lots of triathlon nutrition info. How is your program going to be any different?

Good question. We have developed our program based on the latest in genetic science, the discipline of endurance nutrition (not just SPORTS nutrition), and from building and running real-world successful weight loss programs under the direction of health care practitioners. It is broken down into bite-sized pieces of info, easy to digest and can be implemented the MINUTE you read it… without disrupting the diets of the rest of the folks involved in your life.

2. Is this material really something that can be learned through videos and e-guides?

Absolutely! While the material is well suited to teaching online — through videos and digital materials — we all know that information alone does not physically transform people. Your part is to take the recommended exercises in the blueprint.

3. It’s more money than I want to spend right now.

Let us put this into perspective for you. What is it costing you NOT to address your energy or weight issues? Think about the hours, day, weeks, months you’ve spent frustrated, pissed off about your lack of understanding or direction. Do you think this works with or against your ability to be a more fit athlete? To feel confident that you can sail across the finish line instead of shuffling or crawling? If you think about how your life would change in so many ways – both tangible and intangible – by reinvigorating your training program and looking buff in your bibs, is it worth less than the cost of a new bike helmet?

4. I don’t have the time to learn one more thing. It just feels overwhelming to me.

Another great point. That’s exactly why we’ve put the content in multiple formats for multiple learning styles – the e-Book gives you the full deal, everything from soup to nuts for the program for those of you who learn best from the written word. The audios give you a visual option for two targeted needs: everyday diet and race day nutrition, the big topics we always get asked about. The blueprint is just that: worksheets, meal plans, and cheat sheets that you can keep handy and quickly scan for how to plan your day-to-day eating.

5. But my needs are unique. What you are teaching probably isn’t even relevant to me.

Yes, your needs ARE unique, which is why most programs are flawed. Ours, too, does aim to address the most common, consistent training, racing, and every day nutritional challenges faced by self-coached triathletes. That’s exactly why we added that personal coaching session into the program, so we can tweak and fine-tune our plan to fit your specific needs!

Once you pay your $47, you’ll receive immediate PDF links to access the eBook,
the video courses AND the Nutrition Blueprint!

The ULTIMATE Nutrition Prescription for
Tough-Minded Triathletes

(but works for runners, cyclists and other distance athletes!)

Just $47


Our No-Risk Guarantee

Won’t it feel great to know that you are following a scientifically based, field-tested program that was developed especially for ENDURANCE ATHLETES? No more guessing, no more time-wasting. We KNOW you will benefit.

Our no harm no foul guarantee: We have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for ANY reason you are unhappy with your purchase within 60 days, we will refund all monies you have paid, GUARANTEED, no questions asked, and you can keep the product.


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